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PrivateFox asked 3 years ago

Hello there,
I downloaded a new update (trueSKY-Unity2021-4.3.be5481665-x64) with Unity 2021.2.0a14.1979, HDRP v12.0.0, but I didn’t managed to make trueSky work. There were no compile errors after importing, but after opening “TestLevelHDRP” there were tens of errors regarding same thing, something like, that trueSKY Tag is not set properly. But the main thing is, that TrueSky cannot be seen in editor/game window, even in play mode. and is unresponsive to any change of value, like time or sky color, cloudiness… even disabling truesky actor makes no difference.
Is this new update awaiting a new documentation? Does it need special setup, project settings requirements?

ASoftworks replied 3 years ago

I’m also trying to figure out does this thing even work for Unity HDRP? Has anyone been able to get this working. The lack of Unity tutorials is also extremely disappointing.

UWFSL replied 3 years ago

I’m in the same boat. Using HDRP with Unity 2020.3.3f1 on Windows. Tried DX11, DX12, trueSKY-Unity2020-4.3b, trueSKY-Unity2021-4.3b. While using the HDRP test scene showed up black, the non-HDRP scene did show the sky, but the clouds were all funky.

If I find anything myself, I’ll post an update, but I’m hoping that a dev beats me to it

UWFSL replied 3 years ago

Not a solution but I did notice that when opening or initializing a scene with trueSKY the project removes the HDRP pipeline asset and I can’t add it back. This may explain why clouds showed up in the non-HDRP version.

Tested on Unity 2020.3.3f1 (HDRP 10.4) and 2020.3.9f1 (HDRP 10.5).