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Taviana The Origins asked 3 years ago


we’ve switched to the source version of True Sky form your GIT Hub (engine version 4.21.2) and for some reason all the settings to change the noise and lighting are disabled in the sequence actor.
How do we enable/change these settings?


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James - Simul Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, 4.21 is no longer supported. We do have a version for download on the site but as you can see the version is for old versions of trueSKY.

4.2 is especially old, and I would recommend at least 4.2a.

If you do require 4.21 as your engine, please email in with the contact us button at the bottom of the page and we can discuss this further. 

We will soon be releasing updated support for 4.24 and 4.23, but 4.21 is not planned for support.

Alternatively, you could try yourself to merge the changes from a more recent branch, such as 4.23, into 4.21 and going through any errors yourself. Then you should be able to use truesky 4.3 and settings should work.



Taviana The Origins replied 3 years ago

Hey, so are you guys going to reply to the e-mail you told us to send you?