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mrsvard asked 2 years ago

I know this question has been asked before but is there a way to get trueSKY to replicate across multiple clients.
Our team is currently using the free test version and before we commit we want to know if this is possible.

2 Answers
James - Simul Support Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, it is possible to replicate trueSKY across clients, given each client has the same sequence information. As long as the sequences are the same, you would be able to sync the current time with clients to produce the same results.



Micael answered 2 years ago

I tested your sample (SimulDirectX11Sample_MD) with three different TrueSky version (4.3.e522695f8, 4.3.68a017ce2 and 4.3.a49886f04) and the clouds are not the same from one computer to another as you can see on following screenshots (computers are synchronized at same time).
Does a specific setting is needed to get the same result from one PC to another ?