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jessekirbs asked 12 months ago

I’m in Unreal 4.27 and I’ve followed the tutorial video, but I’m not seeing any rain. Strength is at 1, Rain Streaks is at 1 but nothing is happening. Any ideas? Thank you!

Wayne Littler Staff replied 12 months ago

Hi Jesse,

Could you provide me some screenshots of your scene and also let me know which release of trueSKY you are using. The filename of the plugin will be fine.


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jessekirbs answered 12 months ago

Hey Wayne,
Here are some screenshots:

jessekirbs answered 12 months ago

Not sure why that’s not working and I can’t edit the post, so I’ll just send links:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
I tried looking for a plugin filename that would convey the version number, but I’m not seeing anything. Not sure if this is what you need or if it’s helpful, but here’s an image of the plugin folder:
Plugin Folder
If you need something else, please let me know. Thanks!

jessekirbs answered 11 months ago

Hey Wayne,
Can you please provide an update on this? We need to move forward on our end and can’t get this working. Thank you.

Wayne Littler Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi Jesse,

Looking at your cloud window it doesn’t seem like there is much cloud coverage in your scene. This would be necessary for you to see rain.