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orsobruno asked 3 years ago

Good morning,

I’m working with the free trial on a project (haven’t used the plugin before so apologies in advance for the probably silly question I’m about to ask) and I can’t seem to be able to use raytraced reflections to see the water reflecting in the chrome sphere (and in any other geometries that I’ve tested in another level).
I can see instead the sky reflected in the sphere, but not updating as explain in the last point of this message.

The setup for this scene it’s pretty basic, It’s a new empty level from the automotive preset (raytracing ON) of the Unreal Engine editor, with TrueSky initialized from the window menu, all default settings apart from the preset that is the clear sky one, (I might have changed the “cloudiness value”, and switched to a “grid” integration scheme in the TrueSky actor, but apart from that is pretty default). Regarding the water is absolutely default apart from enabling the “advanced surface option” to achieve the desired look, you can also see in the screenshot a cube with some buoyancy probes on. I have to say it’s impressive how good the water looks and how easy to set-up a little “boat” template it was.

Lastly whenever I change the time of the day and the cloud changes position or shape, this changes are not reflected in the chrome sphere when raytracing is ON, the same is valid for screen space reflections as well, but I figured that could be a desired behaviour.

Am I missing something? I’ve had a look on the documentation but I can’t find an example on how to set-up the plugin to use raytracing and I would really love to get this to work so I could rely more on this plugin as the simplicity of the setup for the water, and the amazing look of the clouds is just something that I would like to be able to use more.

Thank you for your time!

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Orsobruno –
Apologies for the delay in response.
Water reflecting within raytracing is something we are aware of and working to solve. But I will add your comments onto our tracking ticket
Time of day changing your clouds position and shape I believe would be solved by setting the update frequency and amortization on the trueSKY Light to be 1.
I’m glad your enjoying the plugin, and will look to bring the documentation up to speed on this so others don’t encounter the same issues.

orsobruno replied 3 years ago

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply, and no problems at all!

I’ll try the settings you suggested, I have probably missed something there, thank you!
Do you reckon the water reflections when using raytracing will be available in the next update of the plugin? If so, do you have a rough time frame when this will be released?

Thank you again for you time!