Simul Support ExchangeCategory: CloudsResizing the Sky Sequencer in Unreal Engine 5.3.2 causes the editor to freeze
Brandon McCowan asked 6 months ago

The Unreal Editor freezes whenever the Sky Sequencer window is resized. After waiting more than about 10 minutes, I quit the editor from the task manager and restarted. Everything worked fine until I tried to resize the sequencer, and immediately Unreal froze again. Guess I won’t resize the window. There must be an infinite loop somewhere that’s locking up the main thread.

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Brandon, Apologies for the issue.

I will investigate this and get back to you this week, thanks for the report

James - Simul Support Staff replied 6 months ago

I have confirmed and fixed the issue locally. This fix will be included in our next download. I will update this post when the fix is available, Thanks!

James - Simul Support Staff replied 5 months ago

This has been fixed and the update is now available at