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Gombor Gábor asked 4 years ago

Helllo, I’m trying set lights correctly.
I reverted everything to default settings, only change here is I increased TrueSkyLight 1 to 1,5 but my scene is very dark even with less/moderate clouds.
Daytime is early afternoon. I attach some images. See the landscape has a color like a rainy day and black foliage items like the cacti.
If I increase the sun brightness in TrueSkySequence Actor, I get brighter scene but too bright sun.
The third image is made earlier with Ultra Dynamic Sky plugin and cactii is perfect.
(Also, how can I add images here? I could add only links at the moment. I preferred slack instead of this site…)

Gombor Gábor replied 4 years ago

I tried also the earlier suggested higher Irradiance levels, but no success. Some foliage, even my character face gone to black.

1 Answers
James - Simul Support Staff answered 4 years ago

The image of the darkened cacti shows some of the smaller ones are not dark + other models are fine. Is there something special about these cacti that could be causing an issue? I’ve not heard of similar issues unfortunately.