Simul Support ExchangeStandalone SDK is not accepting the license key
Faruk Eroglu asked 2 months ago

For some reason I can’t get the standalone SDK to work with my license key. I apply my license key with “simul::base::SetLicence(SIMUL_LICENSE_KEY)” and then check my license status using “simul::base::GetLicenceInfo(SIMUL_LICENSE_KEY)” and “simul::base::GetLicenceValidityText(SIMUL_LICENSE_KEY)” which return “EXPIRED_ALPHA” and “Your licence expired 09/00/0000. Request an extension at” respectively.
All I get is a complete black screen when I render clouds using BaseWeatherRenderer->Render, which I suspect because of the fact that standalone SDK is not recognizing my license key. It looks like clearing a framebuffer to a specific color and drawing it directly on the screen works, meanwhile rendering clouds on the same framebuffer doesn’t. What do I do? Sadly SDK documentation is outdated, so I’m really confused and lost.
Thanks in advance.

Faruk Eroglu replied 2 months ago

Forgot to mention, I’m using SDK version 4.3.71c9125bf