Simul Support ExchangeStatic/still rain in UE4 4.25.4 in the Editor
POV asked 2 months ago
POV replied 2 months ago

When working in the UE4 editor, all precipitation is frozen in place. When I render in Sequencer, the rain works as it should, until the engine pauses momentarily before rendering the next frames. In these instances, the renderer only renders still droplets (no blur/streak). The effect is a stuttering of the rain in a few places.

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POV answered 2 months ago

Here is a pic of the static rain. As I move my work camera through the editor, it seems to move, but then when I stop, it stops…

Chris_Simul Staff answered 2 months ago

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll take a look and get a ticket added to our bug system, which verison of the plugin are you running (4.2a or 4.3?) when encountering this?
Thanks in advanceĀ 

POV replied 2 months ago

It’s version 4.2 on UE 4.25.4.

PC Intel i7-8700
2x GeForce RTX 2080 Ti