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ShoksTeam asked 1 year ago

I love this plugin, its really nice and does what it supposed to be doing, but the support from you guys are really bad, i mean sometimes it takes days and maybe weeks to answer a question, even tho looking at the questions page there is really not that much questions to be answered, so it should be easy to answer them all in just an hour, plus the support for the future updates for Unreal engine 5 really takes so much time, like 5.1 version that takes so much time, i hope you guys will fix this and support the clients by updating us on what’s going on with the future updates and answer our questions, thanks and regards¬†

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Martin Gre?√°k answered 1 year ago

I think main issue is with lack of transparency. Your last “official page” blogpost is 2 years old. There is no word regarding UE5 unless customer dig into “support” and “Q&A” section. This is definitely not a place to write official statements for existing neither future customers. There is no “roadmap” anywhere. Excluding your twitter i find it almost impossible to trace any progress.
I understand that transition to UE5 could be difficult and take time but you would go long way telling us. There are certain expectations “company” should fulfill. (more so if they sell product or service) Which you are.
As your existing customer i got lucky and dont rely on your product in any way as its just my hobby. But i would also express my frustration not knowing whats going on, if my feature will be supported, if to switch to different 3rd party plugin, what is the future of the product etc. I also hate writing status updates at my work, rather get something productive done instead… i get that, but again i am not selling my work to others neither own a company doing so.

Ingmar Buchner replied 1 year ago

This company and plugin will be so much more successful with a complete overhaul to their customer interaction and marketing presence. Consistency and Transparency is key. Vague promises with no commitments and zero timelines are not enough. They need to shake things up. With a revitalized project management team and strong marketing presence, they’ll achieve wonders. I have a slither of hope, but not counting on it.

ShoksTeam replied 1 year ago

this significantly affects pipelines under constant deadline pressure and having some semblance of the situation helps users & companies plan ahead

Wayne Littler Staff replied 1 year ago

Thank you all for your comments. We are going to work hard over the coming months to put solutions in place.

Wayne Littler Staff answered 1 year ago

Sorry to hear about your frustrations with our support. We have answered several messages about Unreal Engine 5 updates. There have been a lot of changes between versions that we need to consider and it isn’t a small task to release a new plugin.