Simul Support ExchangeCategory: CloudsThe shadows on the landscape do not work.
Alexandr Chebotkin asked 4 years ago

The shadows on the landscape do not work. Maybe there is a lesson or a detailed description?

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 4 years ago

Make sure your ShadowRT is attached to the trueSKYSequence Actor, and it is updating. 

One known issue right now is that Unreal does not respect the Fade distance initially, try changing the value then changing it back so Unreal updates the light. Fade distance is on the Directional Light. Also make sure you are using our Light Function on the directional Light (Should be default).

Alternatively, are the shadows working but just not on the landscape?



Alexandr Chebotkin answered 4 years ago

Hi, James.
I checked it seemed to work.
Thank you!

James Evans Staff replied 4 years ago

Great to hear, do you know which fix resolved the issue?

Alexandr Chebotkin replied 4 years ago

1. Reset to default fade distance in direct light. Set value.
2. Change Cloud shadow range in TrueSkySequenceActor (some time value back to default 80km)