Simul Support ExchangeCategory: WaterTransparency always render on top?
yew khangkeong asked 3 years ago

I can’t find trueSKYTransparencyModifier (material function)

I want to view from top to bottom. Water will draw on front of clouds.

3 Answers
Chris_Simul Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Yew, I’ve double checked and the material node is present within our 4.3 releases, which version of unreal and trueSKY are you on? 
Water being drawn in front of clouds may be a separate issue, potentially altering the depth temporal alpha on the truesky actor will solve this

yew khangkeong answered 3 years ago

truesky version4.3.be5481665 and UE 4.26. 

Chris_Simul Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Yew – Using the same builds as yourself I have found the material function. Right clicking within the material editor and searching “trueSKY” should allow it to show up. Alternatively navigating to the trueSKY folder within your project’s content will have an example material called “trueSKYTransparentExampleMaterial” which shows an example of the node in use (and which you can copy the node from).
I believe the use of the node is now different to the one shown within the documentation, so this example should be what you base your material on. I will look to get the documentation changed and updated to reflect this so thank you for bringing this to my attention