Simul Support ExchangeCategory: Sky and LightingTrueSky is black in packaged build
Gombor Gábor asked 4 years ago

In Editor, TrueSky looks ok. After creating a package for Win64, I followed the FAQ what files to copy:
Despite copying files, I still have black sky. I dont use conflicted plugins afaik, but I double check.
I dont know related but there is also still an issue with license payments, I got mail that my license is paid, but Simul page shows expired.

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Gombor Gábor answered 4 years ago

OK, I had Niagara enabled, after disabling it the build ok. 🙂
Well, there are now the following 2 important issues:

  • Fixing lights and shadows with TrueSky
  • Performance issue (reducing somehow TrueSky PostOpaque with you guys)


James Evans Staff replied 4 years ago

What is the issue regarding the light and shadows?

But good to hear it is fixed. If you used our UE4 Source we have fixed the Niagara issue, but our pull request to Epic is still waiting.

We know about performance issues and are working hard to resolve them.