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James - Simul Support Staff asked 2 years ago

Unreal Engine 5 Plugin

This week we have released our trueSKY plugin for Unreal Engine 5! We apologise for the delay of this release, changes to UE5 have made our integration challenging compared to previous Unreal versions.

We are aware of certain issues with the plugin, and we are working hard on resolving these as quickly as possible. If you encounter any issues or crashes, please post on this page or send directly using the bug report page.

Currently known Issues

There is an unresolved DX12 crash, we please ask you to send a bug report and crash log if this occurs.

DX11 support for UE5 has been disabled. Changes to Unreal 5 make DX11 support difficult, and with the spotlight Unreal features such as Nanite and ray tracing requiring DX12, we believe DX11 is not the priority. We may address this in the future if there is demand.


We are aware of the issues affecting trueWater in UE5, as well as certain issues in UE4. However, we are moving our current focus onto trueSKY 4.4 before we return to resolve these issues. We understand this may disappoint some, but we are not abandoning trueWATER. We plan to improve and re-introduce the features shortly after the trueSKY 4.4 release.

The trueSKY Team

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Farshid Naji answered 2 years ago

please relese 5.1 version