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Kalypso Games asked 1 year ago

How to add rain sounds?

1 Answers
James Evans Staff answered 1 year ago

Best way to do this currently is to set up a basic blueprint system including “Get Precipitation strength at Position”.

Once you have your strength, you can scale your sound off of it. Keep in mind this will not check if it is rain or snow – just strength. You’d have to do that per sequence with get rain/snow for the interpolated keyframe.

Kalypso Games replied 1 year ago

Google Translate. Is it possible to choose thunderstorm sounds, but not the rain sounds? I understand correctly?

James Evans Staff replied 1 year ago

Correct, however Rain setup is only a few blueprints.

Rain Sounds will be available on the trueSKY Sequence Actor in a future update.

Kalypso Games replied 1 year ago

Sounds good. Thanks!