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Ingmar Buchner asked 3 years ago

I know that the Simul trueSKY plugin for Unreal Engine is getting very little support, updates and attention currently, but I still really like the look and potential that this plugin offers. I am currently 100% onboard with Unreal Engine 5, and I only see myself continuing to use trueSKY if it offers support for UE5+ and beyond.

Are there any plans for continuing this plugin into the next generation, or is it planned to die with UE4?

Enes Past?rmac? replied 2 years ago

waiting for you

Ingmar Buchner replied 2 years ago

waiting for you

Wayne Littler Staff replied 2 years ago

Our UE5 plugin is currently going through testing. Shouldn’t be too long now.

Ingmar Buchner replied 2 years ago

Wow, that’s great news, I’m looking forward testing it. Do you have any new features or quality improvements to announce, or will it be more of a maintenance release?

Stephen Breux replied 2 years ago

Any news about UE5 version ? Can’t wait ! =)

Ingmar Buchner replied 2 years ago

Same here, really looking forward to it. My estimate is that there could be a response in another month or two, informing us that a new update might be coming “soon” 😛 lol

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Wayne Littler Staff answered 3 years ago


Thanks for your post. We are currently supporting Unreal Engine and will continue to do so. We will support Unreal Engine 5 shortly after the full release.

Robert Hagglund replied 2 years ago

If you need early adopters or beta testers, I’m sure there are plenty of people here who will gladly work with you to make trueSKY for UE5 a success out of the gate. I am still working in 4.27 but am also testing 5 and adapting our workflow to the new environment so testing trueSKY and reporting bugs back to you promptly would not be a problem for us.

Ingmar Buchner replied 2 years ago

Any update on this? I’m interested in comparing True Sky with the current volumetric clouds in UE5. I still suspect that True Sky could have an upper hand in overall visual quality, if it manages to integrate properly. Do you have any indication what the compatibility limitations will be with the latest Unreal features and when we can expect a first release?

Wayne Littler Staff answered 2 years ago

trueSKY for UE5 (Beta) is now available for download via Any issues should be reported via or