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Logan Swicegood asked 1 year ago

I used the free trial, and this is such an amazing plugin for Unreal Engine, its been so fun creating with it. BUT I CAN’T EVEN USE IT because it doesn’t work with Movie Render queue, and there is nothing saying that it doesn’t work except for a question on here from 2 years ago in UE4 that it just appears black (which it still does in UE5.1) (with a response saying that you wouldn’t be looking at it anytime soon). I will happily pay for true sky if you add this feature, and I am sure I am not alone, with the growing amount of cinematics being created in UE5. I want to give you my money, but I can’t use TrueSky at the moment. I am begging you to let me give you money. Please allow me to give my money to you. You will acquire my money. Thanks.

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 1 year ago

Initial support for Movie Render Queue will be available in the next Plugin Release, coming in May

James - Simul Support Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Logan, thank you for your message. I hear you and I will do what I can to get support up and running for VFX pipelines including the Movie Render Queue. We have a lot of changes coming soon and I will talk to the team and aim to prioritise this.