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Jan Zarate asked 3 years ago

Hi. Built a new project using Unity 2021.1 built-in renderer(happens with HDRP as well) with the most recent version of trueSKY and the terrain is super dark. Only added the package and initialized trueSKY in the scene. Is there a setting I need to tweak/step I missed? Here’s two different screenshots with a high cloudiness value and 0 cloudiness. value. 

Jan Zarate replied 3 years ago

Alright i’m a ding dong and I don’t know how to put an image in. Here’s the link to the image.

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Cameron Lillie answered 3 years ago

I had a similar issue and it seems that this is caused by the CloudShadow render target that trueSky automatically sets as the cookie of the directional light. For some reason it’s just a pitch black image. Since you can’t remove it when the True Sky Directional Light script is enabled, you’ll have to disable it and then remove the cookie from the light. That should fix it, although I don’t know if it’ll work for the default renderer, only HDRP.
Hope this helps!

Jan Zarate replied 3 years ago

Thanks for replying! Did you re-enable the True Sky Directional Light after you removed the render texture? When I did that it just re-assigned the render texture and the problem came back. Tried keeping the Directional light script off but then there’s no shadows. Even made new render textures and assigned it as the cookie and got similar results.

Cameron Lillie replied 3 years ago

I didn’t turn it back on since it kept reassigning the cookie. Unfortunately it’s not really a fix as I realised myself since as you said it doesn’t have shadows. I’m not really sure how to make it work properly with real time shadows.
Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.