Giovanni Verschuren asked 3 years ago

So I downloaded the newest build and followed the steps.
Weirdly there’s no documentation included in the package.
Anyhow, I followed all the steps and all I got is a dark sky with no visible clouds.

How can I fix this?

Giovanni Verschuren replied 3 years ago

Forum doesn’t support imgur images, great.
Here’s a direct link ;

1 Answers
James - Simul Support Staff answered 3 years ago


Unfortunately, we have not tested with Unity 2021.2 and in general we don’t release trueSKY for beta versions of game engines. It is likely that our current 2021 plugin supports 2021.2,  but this issue is likely specific to that version and as such we are unable to allocate the resources until the version is out of beta.

We will do what we can if we have the available time, otherwise if you are able to reproduce this issue in a non-beta version of Unity we will be able to prioritise this.

For general debugging, try making a new Sequence and assigning it to the trueSKY Object, or initialize again in a new level. Are you using the Standard Render Pipeline or HDRP? (We do not support URP).