iichiversii asked 4 years ago

I’m considering to purchase Truesky for a VR flight simulation currently in development using the Unity3D engine,
However I have not seen any examples of truesky used with VR in unity, it also seems Truesky is been showcased in the majority of videos I have found on the internet and Simul website, use UE4 and not unity, is there a reason for this?
There are many cloud shaders available for the unity3D engine, but how does truesky compare to others, frame rates been one of the main issues, I would like to know more and possibly test a pre-built demo to see how Truesky performs, is there something like this available and if not, Why?

iichiversii replied 4 years ago

No reply?

Adam Zeliasz replied 4 years ago

Personally I feel like UE4 gets most of the love for this plugin, Unity is like an afterthought (Even though I believe this plugin started with Unity). I’ve been waiting over a month for Simul to release a working version for the latest version of Unity, and they finally did recently. Now I’m having issues with clouds stuttering and not smoothly moving. I’m still waiting for an answer on that. I reached out to their tech support and Simul referred me to posting my question in these forums.

Anyways have you got an answers outside of this?

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi iichiversii – We have a few users opting to use trueSKY with VR – also apologies for there only being showcase videos within UE4 rather than Unity – we are aware of this and are aiming to diversify the content we release in the coming months to meet demand and have greater support to customers using either engine.
We are striving to be the best solution for volumetric cloud’s and offer a trial period to all users to allow for them to test the software themselves for their specific projects. Demo levels are something we have had in the past but haven’t had the time to focus on in recent times, instead we have opted to support these trials and get them working in your projects. Any issues you encounter during these trials can be reported directly to us via this Q+A page, and we will answer them as soon as possible and attempt to either offer a fix or workaround, or get the issue logged internally if it hasn’t already been encountered to get a fix created.