Simul Support ExchangeCategory: Sky and LightingUnreal plugin interaction with built in exponential fog and light types
Justin Jacot De Boinod asked 2 years ago

Hi there.  I am looking to use this plugin in a project using Unreal and I wanted to know if this replaces the exponential height fog in Unreal for doing volumetric lighting.  So, for example, if I wanted a spot light casting volumetric shadows and fog, would I have to use the built in exponential height fog, or does the fog that comes with True Sky take have a global volumetric lighting solution?

1 Answers
James - Simul Support Staff answered 2 years ago


For this case you would want to use Unreal’s Volumetric fog. This can be used alongside trueSKY, just be sure to disable any fog from trueSKY via the sky keyframes