Cameron Lillie asked 1 year ago

Recently I’ve updated my TrueSky package to the latest version and I’ve started getting error messages that read

“Struct sizes do not match for sizeof:ExternalDynamicValues. DLL size is 336, EXE size is 328. Please check your trueSKY version and/or update the trueSKY DLLs.”

These errors persist even after a fresh reinstall, is there some way to fix this?

1 Answers
James - Simul Support Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Cameron, apologies this is an issue on our end – the plugin is missing the latest changes. I will have a new plugin out this week and update you when it’s available. 

Cameron Lillie replied 1 year ago

Hi James, thanks for the response, I look forward to the new plugin.

James Evans Staff replied 12 months ago

Hi, the new plugin is available now – any issues please let me know!