amalagutti asked 4 years ago

hi all, i wonder if we cab get access to a wider control of the water shader – the ocean water has a roughness way to high for our taste and we would love to tweak this down.
another thing, how can we override the foam appearance ? would love to get a lot of foam in there. 
thank you for your help

Chris Carty Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi amalagutti – You can turn down the ocean roughness via either lowering the beaufort scale, or if you are using the advanced water settings you can lower the wind speed and wave amplitude settings to create a calmer water. (unless you are meaning the surface reflectiveness, similar to a materials roughness?)

As for foam generation it can be increased within the advanced settings also, however it is currently implemented in a simple form and will in a later release have its complexity and functionality increased.

Hope this helped.

amalagutti replied 4 years ago

Chris, thank you for your reply.
actually yes, I was asking about the reflectiveness of the water ( material roughness parameter ).
can we access to that parameter ?
for the foam parameter I will have to wait then.
thank you

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 4 years ago

No worries – And sorry for misinterpreting your question 🙂 The waters roughness sadly cannot be changed as it inst controlled through a traditional material and more through a set of calculations. You may be able to get the effect by altering your scattering and absorption settings, however I think that more lends to changing the colour of the water rather than the overall reflectiveness. 
Other than that its not a feature we have at the moment sadly.