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Chaojian Zhang asked 4 years ago

Dear community/developers,
I am having a weird issue when preview and play in viewport (UE4 editor): part of the screen have very weird clipping effect. Please see my uploaded video for more details.
This issue only happen after I install the binary version of 30 day trail of TrueSky (i.e. it doesn’t exist before). Also, on a map that doesn’t use TrueSky, this issue doesn’t exist. The same issue doesn’t exist when play in separate window (PIE mode).
YouTube link:

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi  – This is an issue we have seen a few times and is due to our translucency texture not updating correctly with larger monitor sizes and we are looking into a fix for this.
I do have a temporary workaround which should sort the issue for the time being. If you navigate to your Translucent render target within the trueSKY Sequence Actor – double click on the render texture, and increase the size of the texture to 4096×4096. this will fix the 3/4 of the screen appearing black/incorrect.
Hope this helps