Simul Support ExchangeWelcome to our new Q&A Support!
James - Simul Support Staff asked 4 years ago

Welcome to the new way we will be supporting our community! As opposed to older methods, we can now have all of the questions and answers easily searchable. This will save time for everyone and can allow us to answer more questions.

This is ideally for questions about how to use trueSKY in certain ways, or a feature you don’t fully understand. For bugs, we have a bug report system in your account page. Examples would be “how to create Cirrus Style Clouds” or “How to change the brightness of the sky”.

Please make sure you reply to our questions through use of comments, to save confusion. Also tag your question appropriately so we can resolve questions faster!

Finally, don’t be afraid to help others and answer their questions! We want to make a thriving community in which everyone can help each other.

Answer here with any questions about our new system and I will be sure to reply!