Simul Support ExchangeWhich TrueSky version do we have?
Taviana The Origins asked 4 years ago


When we click Edit > Plugins > TrueSky is displayed version 4.2.

However when we go to the website there are dozens of 4.2 versions, so how do we know exactly which version we have installed, and is there a change log for these versions?

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 4 years ago

Currently the version will be on the installer used – the versions you see on the site are the specific internal Git Commits. I’m not sure of a simple way to check your current version, I am going to see if we can at least add the version number and recent log to a local file so it is easily cheked.
We cant change the version shown in Unreal as the trueSKY version and Unreal Plugin version are independent, allowing us to use any trueSKY Version with the plugin, and that version number is just pulled in from an unreal side text file.

The log we have is shown on the download page, and is our recent git commits. We have talked about having a more readable change log.