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Andrew Garces asked 3 years ago

Hey All!
I have had an issue that I cant quite troubleshoot. I’m not sure if It’s something I’m missing and doing wrong or a bug. My clouds have wind on them and they look great, but every so often they will have a glitch which makes it unusable for my purposes. You can see at about :01 and :18 in this video Any direction you can give to solve this problem?  Thanks so much!

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Andrew,

What version of trueSKY is this (Which installer was used), and is this Unreal or Unity?

From what I can see in the clip, I believe this to be and old issue that has been fixed, so updating should solve the issue. If this is using the latest version of 4.3 I will have to investigate further.