Simul Support ExchangeCategory: CloudsYellow tinted clouds in latest 4.3 version
ClaudioPiccinni asked 3 years ago

Installing 4.3.c51d4d460 applies a yellow tint to the clouds that I can’t fix with any parameter. Reinstalling 4.3.71c9125bf brings back normal colored clouds.

ClaudioPiccinni replied 3 years ago
This is the yellow tint in my test level

1 Answers
Chris_Simul Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Claudio – Apologies for the late reply, I took an extended Christmas break. 
I am not able to reproduce this on either of my machines here, is it possible you have cloud tint set or your postprocess is altering the clouds color in some way? Or do you have any other information on settings that have been altered from default? 

ClaudioPiccinni replied 3 years ago

Nothing that I can think of. I tried doing it again in a black level and it’s the same. Vanilla UE4 (4.25)

Chris_Simul Staff replied 3 years ago

Ive given it a go across multiple machines and can’t get anything similar to replicate – Could i grab you PC specs in case its a hardware incompatibility that we have potentially missed throwing something strange at us (long shot but worth checking for sanity’s sake)

ClaudioPiccinni replied 3 years ago

Tried reinstalling version 4.3.c51d4d460 again just now for I think the 4th time that I test this, and now the clouds are regular white. I really don’t know what to think. Between 3 weeks ago and now I haven’t changed the level (or the project) nor the machine because of the christmas break. The machine is an AMD 3600 with Nvidia 2070 Super (driver 457.30), and win10. Only thing is maybe between then and now some ue4 cache data got invalidated and recalculated…? I don’t know..