Simul Support ExchangeThe truesky can not be rendered correctly on 4k monitor (within ue4.25.1)
Gang Peng asked 1 year ago

When I use truesky within ue4.25.1 on 4k monitor, the rendering picture only shows on the left-up side of the screen, where the other side is black. This problem happens on ue4.25.1.

Gang Peng replied 1 year ago

The problem aready happened on UE4 editor. When I use 4k monitor, open editor , press Ff1, the probelm appears.

Skoots replied 1 year ago

have you tried changing resolution scale (in UE4 scalability settings). Sometimes, TrueSky bugs out for me at 100% res scale on my uwhdmonitor (21:9), and im required to drop res scale to 99% for it to render full screen instead of 100% where it only renders a small portion on the top left.

Bug has been present in UE4 4.24 and 4.25

Gang Peng replied 1 year ago

Thanks for your answer. I have found a solution: